Solutions & Outcomes

Providing better solutions and lasting outcomes.

The S&O Approach

Managing workplace injury claims can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Liaising with health professionals, lawyers and Insurance companies is a full time job. That’s why it pays to talk to experienced case managers you can trust. Professionals like Solutions & Outcomes (S&O) – for the fastest, hassle-free and cost-effective results.

The best result for everybody

Workplace legislation compels Employers to have policies and procedures in place and to ensure better outcomes for injured workers. Taking a practical approach to injury management, S&O take the load off your shoulders, and get workers back to work sooner.

Our diverse range of highly trained and experienced staff cover all aspects of the recovery process. S&O employ tertiary qualified staff including Registered Nurses, Occupational Health and Safety Officers, Human Resource Professionals, Social Workers, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Trainers. S&O also have direct access to a variety of industry and health contacts – ensuring that every aspect of the process is covered.

The Solutions & Outcomes holistic approach

At Solutions & Outcomes we understand both the physical and psychological aspects of recovery and return to work.

Appreciating that recovery is affected by any number of factors, we take a holistic approach to rehabilitation and case management.

We work closely with the worker, their doctors and allied health professionals, as well as the unions, the employer and their insurance company to ensure the best result for everybody. We believe that managing ALL the elements produces better solutions and more lasting outcomes.

It's all about trust

The most critical element in developing any relationship, is trust. Whether that’s between a worker and their employer, a lawyer and a union, or an insurance company and a worker receiving compensation – at Solutions & Outcomes we deliver what we promise.